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Toronto Ontario. Teen girl on her way through life. I dont know what i want or where i am going. Exploring and expanding my mind and being open.

Sorry ya there are some I still have to go through and if people just sent me like a link to a site without a clear idea of what they wanna do Im like okay now I have to think of a way to include them and its a lot of work for me and organization. If you haven’t heard from me it may because of that or I just haven’t had the time haha sorry Im going to try my best to reply to every single e-mail. If you are concerned I didn’t get your e-mail message me off anon x

in 5 DAYS! Im so excited to be done school! you will be getting so many more pics you will be like k calm down 

Anonymous ootd?

I wore white over sized jeans rolled, a huge black knit sweater, a vintage scarf and vintage loafers x with my karen walkers 

I didn’t think people still asked this… xx,xxx peace out 

I did it like that on purpose haha soon love xxx

baggier ones are more relaxed and work better when making your own high wasted shorts. I would recommend trying boys pants, that’s what I used to do